About Us

MeetingWith a Company formation date stretching back to 1986, Regent Document Solutions have been providing business solutions to Companies, Charities, Schools and Colleges in the Midlands now for more than thirty years.

During this time Regent has grown into one of the region's most successful and well-established dealerships, with an enviable reputation for first class service, ethical business practice and cutting edge technological 'know-how'. 

As a totally independent supplier, Regent has always prided itself on the ability to offers its customers bespoke solutions to their requirements doing this by being able to cherry pick the best solution from a number of some of the world's leading manufacturers as opposed to having to choose from just one tied choice - as some of its competitors are forced to do.

The Regent philosophy has always been to take time to get to know each customers' unique requirements in order to tailor proposals in terms of the right equipment, service and after care.

With Regent's continued investment in technology, training and high quality staff, customers can be confident in its continuing ability to provide high quality products, professional salesmanship and first class service back-up in the future years to come as they always have in the past.